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The web analytics service provides essential data concerning the traffic on the Office's websites. These services offer detailed insights into specific website visitors, including information about their devices, browser languages, document downloads and more. This data facilitates a deeper understanding of users' interests and requirements, enabling the Office to enhance its web services accordingly.

Web Content Display


EU Legal Documents

Visualisation of the legal documents accessed via EUR-Lex and the EU Publications website.

EU Publications

Visualisation of the EU publications accessed via the EU Publications website.

EU Search Dataset

Visualisation of searches on the websites of the Publications Office. It analyses search intent and the final publications and documents consulted.

OP Web Analytics - Monthly Reports


Monthly Reports

Asset Publisher


Statistics for eur-lex.europa.eu


Statistics for ted.europa.eu

OP Portal

Statistics for op.europa.eu

The official portal for European data

Statistics for data.europa.eu

OP Aggregated Websites

Aggregated statistics for all OP websites




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Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

OP Web Analytics Platform